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Festival of Youth Sport


KS2 MaD Olympiad 2016

Members of athletics club took part in the annual MaD Olympiad st Pomphrey Hill last Thursday afternoon. We entered almost 40 keen athletes, where each had the opportunity to take part in events ranging across throwing, jumping and running. What an afternoon it was! After a very successful round of heats across years 3, 4, 5 and 6, we ended up with many runners in the finals! We are yet to receive individual track and field event results, however medal awards across KS2 can be found below:

Keira 2nd place year 3 mixed 75m
Madison 3rd place year 6 girls 75m
Nathaniel 1st place year 6 boys 75m
Daniel 1st place year 6 boys 200m
Nathaniel 1st place year 6 standing long jump

Please note: the junior athletics club (currently run at school on Fridays from 3:20 – 4:00) train towards the athletics events which take place each summer. Priority for any athletics events is given fully to those attending the club. Thanks

QuadKids 2016

Members of year 6 took part in the QuadKids athletics event at The Grange last night. We took 10 competitors (5 boys and 5 girls) who each took part in 4 events: standing long jump, cortex throw, 75m and 600m. Everyone did fantastically well in their events, and whilst we are awaiting final results, the team felt this was one of their best performances all round. What a way to end their time at The Tynings!

Cross Country League 2 – Blackhorse

Some members of year 5 & 6 athletics took part in round 2 of the cross country league last night: 1200m at Blackhorse. A much more challenging route this week, involving a few fairly steep uphill and downhill sections! Luckily, the rain held off, and everyone had a good race. Well done to Jamie, Leo, Alex and Daniel who ran for the boys, and Phoebe, Madison, Libby and Grace who ran for the girls. Overall, a much improved score compared to last week, which was difficult to achieve on this more challenging course! The final round of the league will take place in two weeks time (due to the Olympiad next Thursday) at The Grange. Thanks to the competitors and the parents who came along to help out and support.

Festival of Youth Sport at Filton WISE campus

Members of athletics club from year 5 & 6 took part in the annual Festival of Youth Sport at Filton WISE campus last weekend. The children each took part in the standing triple jump, long jump, speed bounce, vortex throw and the 4 x 100m relay. In addition to this, each individual took part in either the 75m sprint or the 600m run.

Following a successful round of heats, Ruby and Sophie ended up in the 75m sprint finals, with Ruby, Sophie and Faye coming 2nd in the relay heats to take part in the finals again. This was tough considering they only had 3 runners, so Ruby had to run 200m on her own! A similar thing happened for the boys, doing brilliantly to complete the boys 4 x 100m relay with only two runners! Despite their absolute exhaustion, the boys decided to take part in the finals also, which meant running the same race again!

An amazing morning for Team Tynings! Overall, we didn’t place very highly against other schools due to our low numbers on the day, however the children showed excellent perseverance and determination, and individual performances for all 5 children were brilliant. Thanks to all the children and parents for giving up their Saturday mornings ?

Cross Country at the Grange

Members of athletics club took part in round 1 of The Grange cross country league last night. The children completed two laps of the grounds at Beacon Rise, and this was hard work, particularly in the heat! However, the children all did brilliantly with the girls racing first, then the boys. We got some great results overall, with everyone completing the race in a good time and with a good position. Next week’s round 2 will be held at Blackhorse, over a longer and slightly hillier course. Check the website, newsletter and Twitter feed to find out how they get on…

3/4 athletics challenge and Infant Agility training


Modern Pentathlon European Championships 2015

Buy your tickets using this link – http://www.ticketline.co.uk/modern-pentathlon-european-championships-2015

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6:

Junior athletics club runs on a Friday after school until 4:00. If you are interested in joining in September, please come along next Friday 10th July for a taster session. Mrs Fahey

Year 4 & 5:

If you are interested in joining the mixed girls and boys year 5/6 football team in September, please come along to training after school on Tuesday 7th July to see what it’s all about!

Year 4 & 5:

If you are interested in joining the mixed girls and boys year 5/6 netball team in September, please come along to training after school on Tuesday 7th July to see what it’s all about!

Quadkids competition

Members of athletics club had a great time competing at the annual Quadkids tournament at The Grange last night. They rotated through four different events: 75m, 600m, vortex throw and standing long jump. Each competitor completed each event, which was impressive in the heat of the day! The children did brilliantly, and we look forward to receiving the results later on today.


Year 2 MaD Olympiad

The whole of year 2 headed up to Pomphrey Hill last week for a morning filed with athletics activities. The children rotated through a carousel of activities, including running and relay events. The children had a brilliant time, and performed really well, showing excellent sportsmanship and support for each other. After the carousel, were the finals. The children competing in these finals were the winners from the 75m and relay heats during the first part of the morning. Tynings competitors ran brilliantly! Overall, we came second, which was a massive achievement for our year 2’s. Something to add to the trophy collection! A huge thanks to all the parents and helpers who came and joined us, what a great morning ?


KS2 MaD Olympiad

The juniors crossed over with the year 2’s for their afternoon at the Pomphrey Hill Olympiad, and we got off to a flying start with some brilliant race wins! After the children had competed in the running races, we ended up with 6 finalists out of a possible 8; amazing team Tynings performance, especially considering two children were competing for a year group above their current one. There were great performances at the field events also with lots of huge throws and jumps, and with a gold medal for Josh’s throwing; what a lovely way to end his time at The Tynings! During the finals we had some more great results for everyone, but particularly for Carlos and Nathaniel who ended up with winning medals. The children behaved perfectly, and everyone really enjoyed their afternoon. Another huge thanks must go to all the parents for their support and contribution to the event.


Cross Country 18th June

Members of KS2 enjoyed the third and final round of the cross-country league at The Grange last week. This course was a full mile course (the longest out of the three rounds), which really pushed the runners. Although Blackhorse won across the boys and girls, all other schools who took part ran brilliantly too. All 9 of our runners have improved their position overall across the three races, which just shows how their athletics training plus the 3 weeks of competition has helped them improve their stamina and race plan. Well done to everyone involved! It was a hot, but fun competition ?


Cross country: Pomphrey Hill, Tuesday 19th May

Members of year 4 and 5 took part in the first athletics event of the summer term; a cross country race at Pomphrey Hill. Faye and Alfie set off first in their races, and did brilliantly! We hope to see them both at athletics sessions in the future. Next it was the turn of the year 5 members of athletics club, who have been training hard working on technique and stamina. After a pushy and busy start, everyone got into their stride, and completed the race in great times. There were even some impressive sprint finishes, which we were really pleased with! All members have something to bring back to athletics club in the next session, ready for the cross country league in a few weeks’ time. Great work, Team Tynings!

If you’re a junior, and you’re interested in joining athletics club, come and see Mrs Fahey in Otters ?

Cross country league: round 1, Beacon Rise
A great effort by our cross country runners at round 1 of the cross country league this week, particularly with the hilly course! Some brilliant runs, but also a few things to improve, which we plan to work on for next week’s second round at Blackhorse.


KS1 Festival of Youth Sport

The KS1 children joined 19 other schools to compete in the multi sports competition. The children worked really well as a team completing 9 different activities such as target practice with a bean bag, a zigzag relay and walking in pairs whilst balancing a ball between their bellies. They showed a lot of support for each other throughout the competition and gave their all during every activity. Although the team didn’t quite make the top ten, we all had a great time and most importantly had lots of fun!

Festival of Youth Sport

An amazing morning had by Team Tynings at the Festival of Youth Sport, at Filton WISE today. We took part in 2 events: KS1 multi-skills and KS2 athletics

An exciting start at the athletics saw Nathaniel and Daniel win both of their 75m races, putting them straight into the finals. shortly afterwards, the boys plus Alex and Theo won their heat of the boys relay, also putting them in the finals. In the girls races, Madison continued our speedy start, coming 1st in her 75m heat, putting her in the finals too. Libby also ran a fantastic 75m, putting her in the B group finals. In the girls relay, Madison, Sophie, Phoebe and Abi kept their tactics and running order the same as they did last year, and it paid off when they came 2nd, putting them in the finals once again! Before the finals, Alex, Theo, Phoebe and Abi all ran the 600m; a really tough race. Everyone did brilliantly (most of the adults were impressed they could even complete the race!). Abi, however, did particularly well coming 1st girl – an incredible moment. The boys 75m final was SUCH a close call, with officials taking a particularly long time to decide on positions, but we ended up with a 2nd place (Nathaniel) and 3rd place (Daniel) overall. In the girls 75m final, Madison came 2nd overall, and Libby came 1st in the B finals. In the relays, the boys ran a fantastic race, but were beaten by some really strong teams, and the girls came 2nd.

We can’t forget to mention the field events, with each member of the team taking part in long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, vortex throw and hammer throw. All these points added to our overall score, which helped us place 4th overall! The children were so proud to finally place well for their sporting efforts.
The atmosphere was brilliant, and everyone worked so well as a team, cheering each other on and supporting each other when times were tough. A huge thanks to all the children who took part, and all the parents who came to support. Roll on MaD Olympiad! ?

MaD Olympiad 2015

Having just sorted each member of the team’s events for this years MaD Olympiad (Thursday 25th June), we are looking forward to practising our individual events, as well as the relay, to make sure everyone is ready for the big day. We did brilliantly last year, and hopefully we will do even better this year!


Athletics club (5/6 only) will be taking part in the annual Quadkids tournament at The Grange on Monday 29th June. More information will follow soon…