Headteacher: Mrs Lois Haydon

Phone: 01454 866525

Email: thetynings@sgmail.org.uk

Eastleigh Close, Staple Hill, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 4SG


The school often arranges non – profit making educational visits and enrichment activities to support children‟s learning. We try and provide a balance of free local visits and visits that take children further afield. Voluntary contributions may be requested to cover basic costs for the majority of these trips.

The school retains the right to cancel any enrichment event if sufficient funds are not forthcoming. At the beginning of the academic year the school will aim to publicise a maximum amount of contribution that will be requested during the year.

The school organises one exciting residential trip each year for children in Years 5 and 6. In the past few years, this has been a week at PGL sites in Shropshire and Devon.

For residential trips all board and lodging has to be charged for. We can negotiate a longer period of payment to assist families in spreading the cost.

You can find out more in our Charging Policy which you can find here.