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Complaints Procedure


The Tynings School aims to work in partnership with mums, dads and carers in the best interests of the children. Any complaint will be given careful consideration and will be dealt with fairly and honestly.

We will provide sufficient opportunity for any complaint to be fully discussed, and aim to resolve it through open dialogue and mutual understanding.

Actions Before Making Any Complaint

  • Our complaints procedure is not intended to replace the normal informal discussions which take place between mums, dads and carers, staff and the Headteacher on problems and concerns as they arise. Most issues can be resolved through this dialogue.
  • These concerns might include such matters as your child’s work or progress, relations with staff, relations with other pupils including bullying, or your child’s personal welfare.
  • The first point of contact regarding concerns should always be the class teacher. Appointments to see the class teacher are available after school and may be made via the office. Please bear in mind though that teachers require time immediately before school to prepare for the day, and may have involvement with clubs or staff meetings after school, so may not always be available at short notice.
  • When meeting with the class teacher to raise your concerns, please be patient, the class teacher may need time to perform an investigation or put corrective measures in place and then determine their effectiveness. This informal stage may require several meetings to reach a conclusion satisfactory to all parties. Discuss desired actions for the school and mum, dad or carer, timescales, and further meetings during your appointment.
  • If a mum, dad or carer feels that a concern has not been solved through discussions with the class teacher, or that it is of a sufficiently serious nature, then an appointment to discuss it with the Headteacher should be made. The mum, dad or carer should indicate that the appointment is regarding a complaint.

Referral Of Complaints

The majority of formal complaints against the school will fall within the remit of the Governing Body to consider. However, there are six categories of complaint for which there are separate procedures and the Local Authority will usually become involved.

  • Admission to the school
  • Statutory Assessment of a child‘s special educational needs
  • Exclusion of pupils from the school
  • School transport
  • Home tuition
  • Concerns or allegations against staff or volunteers
  • Child protection
  • Any complaint about the action of the Governing Body

In any of these categories the school will advise you of the procedure for your complaint.

For a more detailed explanation of our complaints procedures, please refer to the “Complaints Procedures” documents on the Policies page