Head of School: Angela Berger

Phone: 01454 866525

Email: thetynings@sgmail.org.uk

Eastleigh Close, Staple Hill, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 4SG


The Tynings School adhered to the principles of the Single Equalities Duty 2010. Below, you will find a summary of the Single Equalities and Community Cohesion Scheme for The Tynings School.

Download: 2014-15 The Tynings School Single Equality and Cohesion Scheme

Equalities Information 2014-15, updated November 2014

Pupil and Staff Profile


The school has a maximum of 60 pupils in Reception, Years 1 and 2. The school has set a limit of 60 children in Year 3 and 30 in years 4 to 6, although this can be breached in exceptional circumstances.  They are organised as follows:

Reception: Two parallel classes (single age) of 30 children

Key Stage 1:

Year 1: two parallel classes (single age) of 30 children

Year 2: two parallel classes (single age) of 30 children

Key Stage 2:

Year 3: two parallel classes (single age) of 30 children

Years 4 to 6: three parallel classes (single age) of 30 children, one in each year.

Where there is more than one class in a year group, we plan each class’s composition carefully to ensure we have a balance of ages, abilities, gender and other identified characteristics within it to ensure equality between the classes. We may mix classes at the end of an academic year to ensure there continues to be a balance between the two classes.

The staff profile is not representative of any age group more than another.  There is a spread of ages from those commencing their professional lives to those approaching retirement.


We are a co-educational school.  There are currently 160 boys and 163 girls on our roll. Our staff are predominantly female (90%), although there has been a recent increase in the number of male staff.


  • Currently, 12% of our pupils are Black and Minority Ethnic (BME).  6% of our pupils have English as an Additional Language (EAL).
  • Our pupils are of 12 different ethnicities – the largest group (over 80%) is White British;  Our pupils speak 14 different home languages – the largest home language group is English – over 90%, with the next largest group being Panjabi.
  • Our staff profile is 100% White British.  The governing body is 100% White British.


  • Our pupils are of 5 different faiths – the largest faith groups being No religion and Christian.
  • We do not record data about the faiths adhered to by our staff.


  • A very small number of pupils (less than 5) on roll currently have a physical disability, hearing or visual impairment.  An accessible disabled toilet is available and used by pupils with short term medical needs.
  • There are a very small number of pupils (less than 5), whose long term health issues have an impact on attendance.  This number is not published, as the pupils could be identified.  There are a very small number of disabled members of staff (less than 5).
  • There are no major accessibility issues which affect staff and pupils in the school.
  • The percentage of pupils supported by school action plus or with a statement of SEN is lower than the national average.

Children Looked After

There are currently less than 5 children who are looked after. This number is not published, as the pupils could be identified.

FSM Ever6

Free School Meals and Economically disadvantaged pupils 8% of our pupils are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals, or were ever eligible during the last 6 years (“FSM Ever6”) – below the 2013 national average of 26.7%.

Our School

  • Our school serves a culturally-, socially- and economically-diverse community. Staple Hill Ward, in which the school is situated, has some of the most deprived areas in South Gloucestershire. Our most recent Raiseonline report shows us as at 0.16 on the School Deprivation Indicator, below the national figure of 0.24.
  • The South Gloucestershire School Profile’s most recent ACORN analysis (Showing “Geodemographic factors impacting on households) indicates that 33% of our pupils are in the “Financially Stretched” category, with a further 5% in the category of “Urban Adversity”.  This suggests that over 35% of our pupils live in households which are subject to a high level of deprivation.

Sexual Orientation

No data about the sexual orientation of staff is collected or held by the school

Gender Reassignment

No data about staff in relation to gender reassignment is collected or held by the school.

Bullying and Discrimination

We have very few instances of bullying.  We are proactive in combatting bullying, spreading anti-bullying educational initiatives across the school year.  These range from whole-school to class assemblies and include coverage of key issues in lessons.   We have a rigorous anti-bullying procedure. There is no one group of pupils who are victims or perpetrators of bullying.

In the last year, there are no recorded instances of homophobic or of racist bullying.

Our Equalities Objectives

We have a working party to agree objectives to focus on as part of our Single Equalities Scheme. You can download this here – 2014-15 Equality and Diversity Action Plan

The foci for 2014-15 are as follows and form our Single Equalities Action Plan:

  1. Identify opportunities for children to learn about cultural  diversity in the UK and include world festivals;
  2. Monitoring, for pupils with special educational needs and/or who are disabled (SEND) that gaps are narrowing between their achievement and that of the cohort and national figures;
  3. Active involvement in the Staple Hill Regeneration Partnership (SHRPCYP);
  4. Children work on a set of strategies to challenge others who misuse language referring to sexuality.​