Headteacher: Mrs Lois Haydon

Phone: 01454 866525

Email: thetynings@sgmail.org.uk

Eastleigh Close, Staple Hill, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 4SG

Extra Curricular Clubs

Current Sports Clubs

KS1 multi-skills

KS2 netball shooting

Wednesday after school – 4.25

Monday lunchtime

Year 5/6 Football Tuesday after school 3.20 – 4.30
Year 5/6 Netball Tuesday after school 3.20 – 4.00
Wendy Britton football Thursday after school 4.30
Tennis (Rodway Hill)

Year 2/3/4 Netball

Thursday 3:30 – 4:30

Friday lunchtime

Junior athletics Friday after school – 4.00
Play Rangers Thursday after school – 5.00


Playrangers Club


Spanish Club

Spanish Club started on Wednesday 3rd June. Señora Brown taught the group how to say simple greetings and how to introduce themselves in Spanish. They used these new-found skills to play a guessing game to find out which Peppa Pig character was not at the party! Bien hecho niños!!

In week 2 of Spanish club, Señora Brown taught the children how to count in Spanish. They played lots of number games to help to learn them!

  1. uno
    2. dos
    3. tres
    4. cuatro
    5. cinco
    6. seis
    7. siete
    8. ocho
    9. nueve
    10. diez

Week 4

This week we learnt a range of colours in Spanish. We were then able to ask ‘What is your favourite colour?’ and answer clearly!

Chess Club

Chess club getting serious! Who will go to the mega final?


Y1 mask making club

Art Club