Headteacher: Mrs Lois Haydon

Phone: 01454 866525

Email: thetynings@sgmail.org.uk

Eastleigh Close, Staple Hill, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 4SG

Helping your child to learn

How can mum, dads and carers help?

  • regular reading
  • spellings;
  • times tables;
  • talk about the theme;
  • read the termly curriculum newsletter and use the weblinks;
  • computer skills;
  • learning through play;
  • “life” experiences (cooking, shopping, making, telling the time,etc);
  • visits to museums, parks, galleries, etc;
  • give us feedback;
  • inter-generational working together;
  • tell us what you’ve done.

Helping with Reading

Helping your child to read


Advice for Left handers