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How to Build Your Own Country

“Suppose you could stumble across a chunk of land that no one owns. You could take it over and declare it a brand new country. Your own personal country! How exactly do you go about building a country from scratch? It’s as simple as 1,2,3! Step 1: Stake out your identity with a flag, money and a national anthem. Learn how to put your country’s name on the map. Step 2: Run the country, with a government, constitution, laws and an economy. Step 3: Meet the neighbours and join other nations on the big issues that face the whole world, such as poverty, global warming, security and international aid.”

This themed week turned The Tynings into a world filled with brand new countries! Each class worked on creating their own country and developed a way to run it effectively. At the end of the week, children and parents received a ‘Tynings Passport’ to allow them entry to the new countries discovered within the classrooms. Each country had a stamp to put into visitors passports to show that they had permission to be there and to allow them an insight into lots of new countries and to learn more about them. Throughout the week we were very busy…! There was:

  • Model making of 3D islands and land
  • New Coat of Arms being created linking to the themes and values of each new country
  • Democratic elections to vote for leaders of the new country, linking to the democratic process upheld in Great Britain
  • National drinks and cakes being created and sampled
  • ‘Custom Officers’ stamping passports for visitors, using the national stamp of the country

In addition, the week lent itself well to discussing British Values and what they mean to us as British citizens. We also reflected on the values that we uphold as a school and discussed why they were important to us as a school community.