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If The World Were A Village

“What if we imagine the whole world as a village of just 100 people? In this village: 22 people speak a Chinese dialect, 20 earn less than 65p a day, 17 cannot read or write, 50 are often hungry, 24 have televisions in their homes. If The World Were A Village tells us who we are, where we live, how fast we are growing, which languages we speak, which religions we practise and more. What you discover may surprise you!”

The relatable concept of presenting the world as a village of just 100 people instead of unimaginable billions really helped the children to understand the facts and figures presented in the book. The Tynings turned into a global village for this week and saw some fantastic learning opportunities happening throughout the school:

  • ‘African day’ where the children in Year 2 learnt to play the African drums and danced to traditional African music as well as having a visit from a Jacob and Evie’s grandpa who talked about his time living and working in Africa
  • A ‘World Picnic’ where the children bought in food from many different countries to taste
  • Home building in Reception using a range of different resources
  • Across the school, children learnt about filtration and various different ways to filter water, linking to the children learning about Third World water provision and charity work
  • Children in Year 5 and 6 created large display boards filled with world globes, interesting facts that they had found out throughout the week and Chinese inspired plate designs
  • Lots of world cooking took place, following world recipes and tasting unfamiliar or unknown foods
  • Every child thought of lots of interesting questions about a world themed photo in a ‘Philosophy 4 Children’ circle time exercise
  • Mums, dads and carers came in to see the work from the week, as well as classes visiting other classes to share their learning with one another