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Learning Detectives



Neve, Ruby, Liam, Reid, Alfie, Grace

Lucy, Sophie, Katie, Mani

Learning Detectives: Code of Conduct

“As a learning detective you must be confident in what you say, report to the whole class, know what learning power people are using and know what is helpful and unhelpful talk.”

Learning detectives follow these key principles:

  • Be positive, not name names or be too specific
  • Take into account the needs of the whole class and every individual
  • Be aware of other children and what they are doing

Learning Detectives must:

  • Project your voice so that people can hear you
  • Work as a team
  • Interact with the children
  • Look for good learning behaviours
  • Not distract the lesson
  • Talk to the whole room and not just to one table
  • Know what is helpful and unhelpful talk

Learning Detectives should:

  • Be confident
  • Know what learning powers are being used – relate to ELLI
  • Not get distracted by talking to one another about things that are not relevant
  • See who is able to talk about their learning and explain what they are doing

This code of conduct was written and agreed by all new Learning Detectives on 22nd June 2015.

The new Learning Detectives have been approaching their new job with gusto!

They participated in training sessions with the current Learning Detectives and delivered their first feedback this week. They did a great job and carefully referred to the ‘movers’ and the ‘blockers’ that they had witnessed in the classroom. They are going to make excellent official Learning Detectives in September!

Learning Detectives in Action

We conducted our first independent observation this morning! In Bat class, we observed the children making catapults, and in Badgers we saw some great Maths using Base Ten resources. Have a look at the feedback sheets to see what great learning we spotted…

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LD Bats 21 1 16 Feedback     LD Badgers 21 1 16 Feedback

Learning Detectives Action Plan

Download to view:

Action plan 2015 – 2016


Archived Feedback

Learning Detective Feedback for Fox Class – Fox class 8 12 14

Learning Detective Feedback for Deer Class – Deer class 8 12 14

Learning Detective Feedback for Squirrel Class – Squirrel class 29 1 15

Learning Detective Feedback for Hedgehogs Class – Hedgehog class 29 1 15

Learning Detective Feedback for Bats Class – Bats class 29 1 15

Learning Detective Feedback for Badgers Class – Badger class 29 1 15

Learning Detective Feedback for Woodpeckers Class – Woodpecker class 29 1 15


Learning Detectives presentation to parents

We are Learning Detectives