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PE and Sport


At The Tynings, we offer a variety of opportunities in sporting activities, whether in-house, extra-curricular, or from experienced coaches. Every child has at least 2 hours of P.E per week, with added opportunities to take part in after school clubs.  Children will experience apparatus, dance, games and athletics, and years 3 – 5 receive a term of swimming sessions over the course of the school year.

Throughout the year there are opportunities to take part in a range of festivals with other schools, which encourages fair play and challenge. We also offer football, netball and athletics clubs, and we aim to develop more clubs as the year continues.

The delivery of the PE curriculum is referenced to sets of Schemes of Work for PE at each Key Stage that incorporate anticipated learning outcomes, which are differentiated, depending on ability, to assist with the assessment of pupils. To help ensure high standards in PE, the school works towards recognition by the external accreditation scheme ‘Sainsburys School Games Mark’, and we have recently been awarded the silver award for our achievements. If you would like to find out more about School Games, or the Kitemark award, please see the website: www.yourschoolgames.com/your_school/sainsburys-school-games-mark

Physical Education at The Tynings is particularly valuable for the way it can contribute to the physical, social and emotional health of our pupils. We aim to extend this through the development of additional opportunities for the children:

Change 4 Life

We have been running Change 4 Life for a while now, and it has proven to be an extremely successful programme. Previously run by Lou Jewell, Ellie Taylor is now being trained up to run the club.
Change 4 Life helps children to develop a positive attitude towards their health and fitness, through receiving helpful information, recipes, tools, tips, and games. Change 4 Life is run outside of classroom time, so the children do not miss valuable lessons.
If you would like more information, see the website: www.nhs.uk/change4life or our page – Change4Life

Get Set to Play

Young leaders from year 6 are currently being interviewed for the role of being a ‘Get Set Leader’. This is a set of activities which will be available to children at break times, to encourage group play, and trying something different. For the leaders, and older children taking part, it helps them to develop skills in including younger children, and coaching. For the younger children, it helps them with their decision making, and confidence in talking to older children. For the young leaders, this new scheme will help to develop their attitude towards other children, and their skills in responsibility and planning. The whole project has the added benefit of being a sporting activity club, targeting those children who perhaps do not have the opportunity to take part in after school sport clubs.
You can find out more on the website: getsettoplay.co.uk


The Tynings PE Whole School Programme