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“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

The beautiful picture book ‘Peace’ by Wendy Anderson Halperin underpinned our work during Peace Week. It encouraged the children of The Tynings to reflect upon the question: What is peace? This resulted in discussions about bullying, conflict resolution, and right actions. We thought about peace in our homes, schools, neighbourhoods, cities, nations and the world.

Throughout the week we were very busy! Here are just a few examples of some of the activities completed during our Peace themed week:

  • Hedgehogs and Squirrels thought carefully about why homes are special. They painted beautiful paintings of their homes and impressed us all with their artistic skills.
  • Fox Class learnt clapping games then taught them to Deer Class, making sure they explained the rules clearly because keeping to the rules can help keep peace!
  • The children of Rabbit Class worked together to make a peace sculpture.
  • Owl Class looked at different types of homes around the world and then created their own homes from Lego, junk modelling and tissue paper.
  • Badgers and Bats discussed what can be done to make neighbourhoods peaceful. They linked it to a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are needed to complete the big picture – peace.
  • Years 3 and 4 baked bread – delicious smells coming from the cookery room made us all feel very hungry!
  • The children in Year 4 wrote poems about peace and presented them in the shape of hands.
  • Otter Class experimented with colour, painting backgrounds inspired by Gustav Holst’s Mars and Venus. They then layered these with silhouettes of peace and war images.
  • Our Year 6 children learnt about Martin Luther King and then wrote their own ‘I have a dream…’ speeches.

Many thanks must also go to the author and illustrator of Peace – Wendy Anderson Halperin. One of the many highlights of this week was Wendy teaching Badgers Class how to illustrate peace quotes. Because she is based in America, the lesson was achieved through the wonders of technology; we were able to use the computer and the interactive whiteboard to link up with Wendy in America. Thank you, Wendy!

At the end of our themed week, we created a ‘Peace Trail’ throughout the school. Each class produced a display based on an aspect of peace. Mums, dads and carers were invited to walk along the trail, guided by our wonderful school councillors and house captains.