School Performance

School Performance

This section shows the results from our most recent Key Stage 2 assessments (SATs). All schools are required to publish this information on their websites. Year 6 children take their SATs (national tests) in May and receive their individual results in July. The data for the whole school (and the comparison to national and local data) is not usually published until around November each year. If you have any questions about this, please speak with our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Angela Berger.

Average progress scores in reading, writing and mathematics 2018

The table below shows the average progress (from the end of Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2) for children who took their SATs in May 2018. A score of '0' indicates progress which is 'in line' with the national average. A positive score shows progress greater than the national average whilst a negative score indicates progress lower than the national average. 


Pupils achieving the expected standard / higher standard in reading, writing and mathematics

The table below shows the percentage of children who reached the expected standard (or above) in reading, writing and mathematics combined.

The second table shows the percentage of children who reached the higher standard in reading, writing and mathematics combined.


Average scaled scores in reading and mathematics

The tables below show the average scaled scores in reading and mathematics. The reading test has 50 possible marks, the mathematics test has 110. Each child's raw score is converted to a scaled score to make it easier to compare. Scaled scores range from 80 - 120. A scaled score of 100 indicates a child working at the expected standard. Above 100 is above expected and below 100 is below expected. A scaled score of 110 or above indicates a child is working at the higher standard. 


DFE Performance Tables

You can find additional information about the performance of our school on the DFE's website. This also allows you to search for the results of any English school. Click the banner below to visit their site.


Our Guide to National Assessments

We have created a quick guide (on this website) to national assessments. Click the school logo to visit this page.

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